General information

The Master thesis (TFM) consist of 30 ECTS and is mandatory. The TFM teaching objectives include:

  • Show that the student has achieved the program objectives, know how to identify the most appropriate techniques and methods to solve the problems raised in the project, and know how to apply them properly.

  • Acquire the ability to find, to use and to understand technical or specialist research literature.

  • Know about an active area of mathematics, statistics or operations research currently, and their applications.

  • Know how to present technical material, professional and / or research both in writing and by word of mouth.


The TFM must conclude with the elaboration of a report which will be presented in public face of a tribunal as the governing framework for the TFM.

There are three ways to do the mentioned project:

  • Students who seek a professional profile will have to stay 3-4 months in a company of specialty choice, during which will be under the supervision of a teacher's masters program.
  • Students who have chosen the path of research will prepare a research project that may be the embryo of the doctoral thesis proposal
  • Students may also make a document of some technical difficulty where they can implement the knowledge acquired, exercised certain values that help them in their career and demonstrate their skills in order to join the professional world.

The thesis supervisor  may be a professor of the MESIO UPC-UB, or an external person to the MESIO UPC-UB (either a professor of another degree or MSc, or a staff member of the company where the student is developing the thesis). When the supervisor is external to the MESIO UPC-UB, a MESIO UPC-UB professor must be tutor of the thesis.

Evaluation criteria (see Section 10 of the master thesis regulation document)