Information about the pre-enrolment process

Pre-enrolment for the 2024-2025 academic year is open

    Application deadlines
    19/01/2024 - 12/03/2024 First round admissions
    03/04/2024 First provisional list of admitted and excluded applications
    13/03/2024 - 04/06/2024 Second round admissions
    26/06/2024 Second provisional list of admitted and excluded applications
    28/06/2024 Publication of the final list of admitted and excluded

    General academic requirements

    • Spanish degree or a degree issued by a university in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

    • Access is also open to people with a degree awarded by a university in a country that is not part of the EHEA, and which has been endorsed for a qualification in Spain giving access to a university master.

    • If the qualification is not endorsed, it must be verified by the University that these studies relate to an educational level equivalent to the official Spanish university degrees, in the country of origin, for access to master studies. Access by this approach in no way implies the approval of the qualification.

    Specific Requirements

    Acces to de degree course is open to degree people coming from:

    • Studies in Statistics

    • Studies in Mathematics, Computer Science or the field of Engineering

    • Studies in the field of Economics and Business

    • Studies in the field of Medical or Biological Sciences

    Registration process

    The pre-enrolment process is done through the web application space available to the candidate. Just register and access the application. From here, you must select the master or masters for which you want to apply and enter the required documents. Registration process.


    For the assignation process, we require:

    • Curriculum vitae (must contain at least:)

      • Completed Degrees with academic year and overall grade average (on a scale of 1 to 10) of each degree.

      • Academic Qualifications, completed or not, that you want to be taken into consideration.

      • Courses in statistics received. Qualification, number of semesters and grade.

      • Operations research courses or received. Title, number of semesters and grade.

      • Experience or mention of the name of the company, the profession, office and work.

    • Motivational letter
    • Certificates of academic qualifications of degrees, completed or not.

    • Scholarships. Have requested a scholarship or would do so in a near future to complete these studies? If yes, indicate which one and when to be resolved.

    • Specialty. The Masters in Statistics and Operations Research provides 4 pathways. Indicate which one you are most interested in:

      • Business and social statistics (EMP).

      • Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (BIO).

      • Operations Research (IO).

      • Data Science (DS).

      • If you still did not make your choice, you should also indicate this.

    Selection criteria

    • Academic record.

    • CV related to statistics and/or operations research, at professional, educational or scientific level. In particular, previous training, bachelor degree, and professional experience will be taken into account.

    • Knowledge of English (level B2 required).

    • Expression of motivational letter.


    In the first semester, we recommend to the students to be fully dedicated to the Master. In case they make compatible the studies with some partial job, we recommend not to enrol all subjects.