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Regulations composition of committees

Composition of the Master Thesis Committees for the MASTER DEGREE OF STATISTICS AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH UPC-UB
(Approved by the ORGMEIO UPC-UB on 15-12-2017)

Each academic year, four committees (one for each pathway) are appointed:

  1. Business and social statistics (EMP).

  2. Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (BIO).

  3. Operations Research (IO).

  4. Data Science (DS).

These committees will evaluate the Master Theses of the three calls of the year.

Each committee is composed by three full members and two alternate members:

  1. A professor with recognized teaching and research experience  appointed by ORGMEIO who will act as Chairman. 

  2. One professor (preferably not from the same university of the chairman) appointed by the research groups of each pathway:

    • UPC research groups MPI and ADBD, and UB research groups  AQR and Riskcenter  for EMP.

    • UPC and UB reseach group GRBIO, and UB Biostatistics group for BIO.

    • UPC research groups GNOM and MPI for IO.

    • UPC research groups MPI and ADBD, UPC and UB research group GRBIO, and UB Biostatistics group for DS.

  3. A person external to the MESIO UPC-UB appointed by the ORGMEIO.

  4. Two alternate members, one from the MESIO UPC-UB, the other external to the MESIO UPC-UB.



Composition of Master Thesis Committees: January 2020 to December 2020

EMP Committee
Chairman: Ernest Pons Fanals (UB)
Secretary: Ana María Pérez-Marín (UB)
External member::

Lluís Marco Almagro (UPC)

Alternate MESIO UPC-UB member: Lourdes Rodero de Lamo (UPC)
Alternate external member: Jorge Mario Uribe (UOC)

BIO Committee
Chairman: José Luís Carrasco Jordan (UB)
Secretary: Jose Antonio González Alastrue (UPC)
External member:

Isaac Subirana Cachinero (UB)

Alternate MESIO UPC-UB member: Sergi Civit Vives (UB)
Alternate external member: Anna M. Esteve Gómez (Institut Català Oncologia)

IO Committee
Chairman: Javier Heredia Cervera (UPC)
Secretary: Esteve Codina Sancho (UPC)
External member:

Maria Albareda Sambola (UPC)

Alternate MESIO UPC-UB member: Josep Casanovas Garcia (UPC)
Alternate external member: Lídia Montero Mercadé (UPC)


DS Committee
Chairman: Esteban Vegas Lozano (UB)
Secretary: Josep Anton Sánchez Espigales (UPC)
External member:

Marta Arias Vicente (UPC)

Alternate MESIO UPC-UB member: Ferran Reverter Comas (UB)
Alternate external member:

José L. Belanche-Muñoz (UPC)


Honors Committee
Chairman: Marta Pérez (UPC)
Secretary: Helena Chulià (UB)
Other members:

Catalina Bolancé (UPC)

Klaus Langohr (UPC)

Javier Heredia (UPC)

Pedro Delicado (UPC)


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