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Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (UPC). May 15, 2013, 16 to 18h. Room Q and R. C/ Pau Gargallo 5, 08028 - Barcelona.

FME-Business Conference 2013

The conference aims to bring together students of FME the workplace, and Masters students contact with companies and institutions that may be interested in developing projects in the field of Mathematics and Statistics at through a Final Master (TFM), to be held preferably under an Educational Cooperation Agreement. Wednesday 15 May in the classroom S02.


FME-Business Forum

Morning Session 12:30 to 14 h

Organized around short presentations (approximately 10 minutes) for each of the participating companies and institutions, in order to make themselves known to students and graduates. Participants will have a space where they can interact with students and graduates, answering their questions, providing employment opportunities, educational agreements and collaborations, and collecting resumes.

Participating companies Accenture, Deloitte, Everis, Maths for More, Swansea University.

Programa en pdf


Afternoon session: 16 to 18 h

It will consist of an exhibition of posters with proposals for upcoming Final Master (TFM) made by companies or institutions, in collaboration, where appropriate, a lecturer from the UB UPC or in the case of Master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research (MEIO), accompanied by a brief presentation of five minutes by a representative of the company or institution.

Participating companies Accenture, Biotech Development, Foundation Fight against AIDS, Group Optical Communications Group of UPC,Catalan Institute of Oncology, Statistical Institute of Catalonia, Energy Research Institute of Catalonia, AIDS Research Institute-IrsiCaixa, Guttmann Institute,Hospital del Mar Research Institute.

Programa en pdf


Related Institutions/Companies Participants

Companies ParticipantsProjectsPostersExternal DirectorTutor
Official institutes
Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) Evaluation models of statistical disclosure in microdata pdf Mònica Gasulla Enric Ripoll
Evaluation of sampling error of a Active Population Survey (EPA)

pdf Núria Bove
Energy Research Institute of Catalonia (IREC) Stochastic Optimal Microgrid Management

pdf Cristina Corchero F. Javier Heredia
Companies consultants
Accenture Supply Chain / Operation Analytics pdf Franz Naselli F. Javier Heredia
UPC research centers
Centre for Advanced Broadband Communications Designing the Future Internet pdf Luis Velasco F. Javier Heredia
Biomedical research institutions
Guttmann Institute - Neurorehabilitation Hospital Biostatistical model to predict the impact of rehabilitation of people with disabilities
pdf Raquel López Lupe Gómez
Foundation Fight against AIDS FLS – GRASS: Synergy between statistical and clinical

pdf Núria Perez Lupe Gómez
AIDS Research Institute. IrsiCaixa Genetic and immunologic characterization of HIV. Application to the design of a vaccine for AIDS.

pdf Christian Brander Lupe Gómez
Biotech Development Biotech Project Value Making Decisions

pdf Juan García Soria
Catalan Institute of Oncology Bioinformatics Platform  pdf Catalina Bonet
Institute Hospital del Mar Medical Research (IMIM)
coordinated on the new version of Euroqol (EQ-5D) for use in Spain study. Evaluation metrics advantages of the new EQ-5D-5L and reference standards
pdf Montse Ferrer


Useful information for participating companies