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Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (UPC). May 7, 2014, 16 to 18h. Room Q and R. C/ Pau Gargallo 5, 08028 - Barcelona.


The Master in Statistics and Operations Research UPC-UB has organized this 7th day MAFME in order to offer their students projects Final Master (TFM) to be held in Companies of our environment. These TFM is the application of statistics and / or operations research to real projects of these institutions / companies. There is also interest in the Mesi UPC-UB students may come into direct contact with these companies and institutions that need trained professionals in the field of Statistics and Operations Research.

The conference has in this seventh edition with the participation of six companies / institutions 18 proposed projects. During the event, each company / institution exposes a poster and a brief five minute presentation of their project. In addition, during the day students attending will have the opportunity to get in touch directly with the representatives of the participating companies and institutions.


Related Institutions/Participating companies

Participating companiesProjectsPostersExternal DirectorTutor
Official institutes
Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) Data fusion between the EPA and the survey of living conditions for the estimation of regional statistical indicators

pdf Monica Gasulla Enric Ripoll
Evaluation of sampling error of a Active Population Survey (EPA) Núria Bové
Companies consultants
Accenture Predictive Maintenance pdf Alberto Barroso Alberto Barroso
Supply Chain analytics (focus on inventory optimization and demand forecasting)
Health unplanned risk analysis
Research centers
Telecommunications Technology Centre of Catalonia

Noise Statistics Estimation in Nonlinear Dynamic Systems pdf Dr. Pau Closas and
Dr. Jordi Vilà-Valls
Pau Closas
Random Set Theory & Bayesian filtering for target tracking applications Dr. Pau Closas and
Dr. Jordi Vilà-Valls
Online convergence assessment of synchronization loops Dr. Pau Closas and
Dra. Monica Navarro
Nonlinear control of mobile robots Dr. Pau Closas and
Dra. Carla Fernández
Cooperative positioning Dr. Pau Closas and
Dra. Monica Navarro
Multi-user coding for next generation cellular networks Dr. Stephan Pfletschinger and Dra. Monica Navarro
Wireless Network coding Dr. Stephan Pfletschinger and Dra. Monica Navarro
Application of Belief-propagation on Factor Graphs Dr. Stephan Pfletschinger and Dra. Monica Navarro
Optical Communications Group-UPC (GCO) Dimensioning communications networks through Mathematical Programming pdf Luis Domingo Velasco Esteban
i Marc Ruiz Ramírez
Luis Domingo Velasco Esteban

Marc Ruiz Ramírez
Decomposition methods applied to communications networks
Application of statistical models for cloud computing
Biomedical research institutions
Foundation Fight against AIDS Project applications statistical clinical research in HIV/AIDS pdf Nuria Perez Alvarez Lupe Gómez
Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) Patterns of processed meat intake and risk of digestive tumours
pdf Dra. Paula Jakszyn Catalina Bonet Bonet


16: 00-16: 20 Opening of the exhibition hall posters.
16: 20-16: 30 Presentation of the conference by the director of MEIO-UPC / UB.
16: 30-17: 00 Presentation of projects by institutions / companies.
17: 00-17: 10 Group Photo and Coffee Break.
17: 10-17: 30 Presentation of projects by institutions / companies.
17: 30-18: 00 Discussion between students and institutions / companies.