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Summer School in Statistics UPC-UB 2018

The XII Summer School in Statistics UPC-UB offers courses on relevant topics for people interested in statistics and data science. Each unit is 15h long (5 days, 3 hours each). You can see the Schedule of courses for this Summer below.

The special registration fee for people attending the XXIX International Biometric Conference is 250 euros per course. In mid April the registration will be open on line at For further information you can contact Prof. Marta Pérez-Casany (


JUNE 18 to 22

1. Data Science con R: paquetes Tidyverse. Prof. J. Corral i K. Langohr, Language: Castellano, AFTERNOON
2. Introducción al análisis de Datos Composicionales. Prof. M. Ortego, J. J. Egozcue i I. Galván-Femenía, Language: Castellano, MORNING
3. Metaanálisis con R. Prof. A. Tobias, Instituto de Diagnóstico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua (CSIC), Language: Castellano, AFTERNOON
4. Curtomer Analytics. Prof. L. Barranco et al. (Deloitte), Language: Castellano, MORNING
5. Web scrapping: Getting data from the web with R. Prof. A. Sánchez, Language: English, MORNING

JUNE 25 to 29

1. Cómo crear aplicaciones con Shiny. Prof. I. Subirana, IMIM-Parc de Salut del Mar, Language: Castellano, AFTERNOON
2. Python for data analysis. Prof. A. Perera, Dept. Eng. Sistemes, Automàtica i Inf. Ind. (UPC), Language: English, MORNING
3. Applied Quantile Regression for Economics and Finance. Prof. J. M. Uribe (Univ. del Valle, Colombia), Language: English, MORNING
4. Data Visualization. Prof. Pere-Pau Vázquez (UPC), Language: English, AFTERNOON

JULY 2 to 6

1. Adaptative Methods in clinical Research. Prof. T. Jaki (U. Lancaster), Language: English, MORNING
2. Introduction to analysis of neural data and brain connectivity. Prof. A. Tausté, M. Gilson, A. Insabato, G. Zamora-López, Center for Brain and Cognition (UPF), Language: English, AFTERNOON
3. Applied Bayesian Statistics (with Stan). Prof. C. Gil Bellosta, (Circiter), Language: English, MORNING
4. Big Data management with R. Prof. B. Skorulski (Schibsted), Language: English, AFTERNOON

JULY 16 to 20

1. Operations Research Applications in Natural Resources: Industrial and Ecological Prespectives. Prof. E. Alvarez-Miranda (Univ. del Talca, Chile), J. García-Gonzalo (Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya CTFC) i V. Hermoso (CTFC), Language: English, AFTERNOON